Montreal deserves better than the Quinze40!


It is false to pretend our commercial streets and a megamall can coexist without hurting each other. If it sees the light of day, the Royalmount (Quinze40) will seriously hurt our downtown’s economy and many of Montreal’s other commercial streets.

Instead of encouraging a new megamall in the heart of the island only accessible by car, Montreal should instead prioritize existing shopping centres and maintain the vitality of its local businesses.

Protecting our commercial streets is a societal choice, a choice to live in the city in high-quality mixed-use neighbourhoods, a choice to develop Montreal as a unique and exceptional experience.

To govern is to choose, and large, prosperous cities across the planet have chosen to no longer develop megamalls like the one planned at the intersection of Highways 15 and 40.

It’s time to enter the 21st century. The Coderre administration must take a stand against the Royalmount (Quinze40) megamall and demand the Town of Mount Royal to cancel the project.

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    Mayor Coderre must change his position and oppose the #Quinze40 megamall! Sign this campaign! #polmtl
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    Laureen McLaughlin
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    Robert Pettus
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    We have enough places to shop!
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    I strongly oppose the “Quinze40” project – it is an absurd undertaking, there is a large mall right nearby already, and a lot of good shopping throughout the city. The junction of the two highways is a traffic nightmare already, this would bring it to a whole new level of awful.

    It makes sense that the TMR councillors approved it, anyone will do anything when paid enough – but this monstrous project does not need to go through. The city needs the money elsewhere, there are so many urgent projects in need of funding!
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    Encouraging more cars, waisting more land and zoning shopping even further is outdated.
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    I live not far from where this would be and am absolutely opposed to its construction having no desire for another mall, a mega-mall no less, in the area. The traffic is already horrible; this is the last thing this area needs!
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    We live in this city because we enjoy urban city life. We like to bike and walk and take public transportation to do our everyday life shopping and leisure activities. We love our downtown shopping and our cool local neighbourhood cafés, bars, restos. Montreal is an awesome city, beautiful, safe, exploding with high quality shopping, high quality dinning and a lot of very much appreciated diversity. Please don’t bring a big mega mall to our city. Please please leave the suburb mentality in the suburbs!!!!!!! Let our city expand as the beautiful city it is! Leave the mega mall out! Please! We don’t need it, we don’t want it.
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    Before the city allows this mall to happen, there are many more important projects that need to happen, like opening up Cavendish Blvd. It is bad enough that there are major Condo construction projects that are or have brought more residents and cars into the area. ( ie Cavendish Mall area and Le Triangle.) The residents of Snowden west of the Decarie service road are sick and tired of our streets being used as a short cut to NDG, Cote St Luc and Hampstead.
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    this will be a disaster for traffic on and around the # 40 – which is already pretty horrible !
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    Most cities have discovered that Malls are death to local business and community supported shops… why is Montreal so far behind the times on this?
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