For a safer cycling network in Montreal


Following Denis Coderre’s politically motivated cancellation of the Brébeuf Street bicycle path project, which would have increased safety on Montreal’s second most popular bike path with its 7500 daily users, Projet Montréal is concerned for the future of Montreal’s cycling network.

Denis Coderre now holds the dubious honour of being the first mayor to set back the development of Montreal’s cycling network. This consensual city-driven project in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough was requested by the cycling community.

Cycling in Montreal needs to be made much safer. Every year, there are more than 650 collisions between a cyclist and a motor vehicle in Montreal - in some cases, at the expense of the cyclist’s life.

To improve the safety of Montreal’s cyclists, we need more cycling facilities, including bicycle boxes and exclusive bike paths. Dangerous intersections must be reconfigured; underpasses must be made safer for cyclists, and cyclovias must be implemented. Cities around the world are taking such measures and Montreal must follow suit.

Denis Coderre must take a stand for cycling safety. Sign if you agree!

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    Brébeuf bike path project cancelled: Mr. Coderre, don’t forget cyclists! #polmtl #velomtl
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    Laureen McLaughlin
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    On ne peut pas gentiment inviter le maire Coderre à se déplacer pendant une semaine à vélo? Tout comme M. Ferrandez? Sa compréhension de la chose en serait grandement améliorée.
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    Melanie May Taillon
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    Once again Montreal is retarded in progress compared to other metropolis’ around the world. We need to get rid of backward thinking politicians like Coderre with their own agendas and prerogatives and get someone in office who actually is a “real person” like the rest of us with real concerns and wants not a mayor who lives in lala land and who caters to the elite click and those with ultra cash. We need a person who is us and not a bureaucrat!
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    Brébeuf bike path project cancelled: Mr. Coderre, don’t forget cyclists! #polmtl #velomtl
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    Brébeuf bike path project cancelled: Mr. Coderre, don’t forget cyclists! #polmtl #velomtl
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    Brébeuf bike path project cancelled: Mr. Coderre, don’t forget cyclists! #polmtl #velomtl
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    I suggest a public Media Campaign that includes the SHOCKING death Stats…

    Something has to be done, Many motorists have NO respect for cyclists.

    They drive with a very dangerous sense of entitlement, and are NOT aware of Cyclist RIGHTS acording to the Safety Code…

    We have “dont Drink and Drive” and “Dont Text and Drive”

    How about … Respect the Cyclists, they own the Road to.


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    Mayor Denis Coderre should not allow petty partisan politics to endanger the safety on Montréal cyclists, and he should work with Projet Montréal & Vélo Québec to ensure that Montréal regains its place among the world’s top ten cities for bike paths and facilities for cyclists.
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