Call for Anie Samson's resignation from the Executive Committee


Montreal’s Executive Committee member responsible for Public Security, Anie Samson, has suffered yet another setback in court. Judge Gouin of the Quebec Superior Court has sent the City back to the drawing board on the pitbull file. He criticized the bungled and improvised animal control bylaw passed by the Coderre Administration in September.

Mrs. Samson’s management of this file has been disastrous from the beginning and demonstrates she does not have nor the judgment, nor the competencies necessary to sit on the city’s Executive Committee and hold such important responsibilities. Her intransigent defense of bylaw P-6, also defeated in court earlier this year, is another recent example of Mrs. Samson’s carelessness.

Let’s review recent events concerning the animal control file:

  • Anie Samson refused to listen to animal control experts, veterinarians, and City partners like the SPCA, who all stated unequivocally that breed-specific legislation (BSL) is ineffective, unenforceable, and counterproductive;
  • Anie Samson refused to heed scientific arguments based on evidence, to the point where she declared on September 21st that “We didn’t want a scientific debate; we wanted a bylaw based on plain common sense”;
  • Anie Samson cited, on multiple occasions, unscientific or biased studies in defense of her bylaw, deliberately misinforming the public.

Anie Samson no longer has either the public’s or experts’ confidence to write a new bylaw that would apply the best practices in animal control and really improve public safety.

For these reasons, we call for the immediate resignation of Anie Samson from Montreal’s Executive Committee. This petition will be submitted at the October 24th municipal council session.

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Anie Samson does not have the necessary competencies to sit on Montreal’s Executive Committee. Her botched files are expensive to taxpayers and hurt Montreal’s reputation and credibility. Join us in calling for her resignation.

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