Call for improved public transit funding!


Since Mayor Coderre’s election, our public transportation network has suffered, with $32 million being cut from the STM budget to date.

In 2015, the STM had to raise its rates, all while cutting bus service.

As this affects many Montrealers' daily lives, we are calling on Mayor Coderre to demonstrate some vision and improve our public transportation system.

Share your thoughts on the quality of our public transit!


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    Terry O’Malley
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    There are several issues here that need to be debated, discussed LOGICALLY RATIONALLY MORALLY ETHICALLY

    1) The people of West Island PAY TAXES TOO..why should THEY not get a metro line or at the very least extension of existing metro lines to the West Island?

    The Blue Line (Snowdon – St. Michel), and Green Line (Angrignon – Honore Beaugrand), and Orange Line (Cote Vertu – Montmorency) already have been extended to the East).


    Instead of building another metro line to the East, why not have St-Michel extended to the East? Furthermore, Honore-Beaugrand can also be extended to the East. At the other end, Snowdon can be extended to the West Island, into Lasalle, and beyond. A line from Cote Vertu can be extended to Dorval and beyond. Imagine a metro line to the Sources Boul…even to Trudeau Airport. To the airport, that will help air travellers immensely, and avert potential accidents that happen while driving to the airport.

    • * * * * * * * * *


    Why not LOWER the cost of a metro ticket / bus ticket to $2 and the adult monthly pass to $50, which would increase riders by many SCORES of thousands of people overnight. Would this not alleviate traffic congestion since MORE PEOPLE would take public transit over private cars? Air pollution and noise pollution are directly related to the number of vehicles on the roads. If the public transit authority keeps raising prices, HOW long before it loses so many people that the system collapses because not enough revenues come in because people end up choosing car over public transit?

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    Even MORE IMPORTANT than metro lines is a 100% FREE ANIMAL HOSPITAL at the site of the former Children’s Hospital (bounded by Atwater, Rene Levesque, Tupper, and Lambert-Closee) or some other large strategically located area.

    In Ste-Hyacinthe, QC, there is a very famous animal hospital affiliated to the University of Montreal. The free animal hospital in Montreal downtown would be a very similar project, but affiliated to McGill AND UofM !! This way, the best minds and the best students in the field of ANIMAL HEALTH & MEDICINE and ANIMAL MEDICAL CARE would be hired and earn their degrees working at this downtown hospital. The funding will require SEED MONEY from the City and would be supplemented by funding from the Quebec Government and the Canadian Government, from corporate funding / corporate sponsors, and from donations / fund-raising from the Montreal community. If the new metro line envisioned by Projet Montreal will cost more than 1 billion dollars…or the extension of the existing metro lines to East and West ends will cost much less…then the seed money for the new FREE animal hospital would be only 100 million dollars which can easily be matched by 100 million from the Quebec Government, 100 million from the Canadian Government, 100 million from corporate backers…every dollar can be matched. The clients who use the hospital for treating their pets would have to get EACH PET a annual registration. This annual registration would bring revenues to the City…revenues that can go towards funding the hospital. Food sales would also bring the hospital revenues.

    A hospital of this nature would alleviate the pressure on the SPCA…it would also allow MANY more people to get the courage to foster / adopt pets, and more of them. Dogs and cats would not longer need to be put down in such scandalous numbers, unnecessarily killings that give Montreal a bad name.

    A free animal hospital would make Montreal world-famous as a humane society that takes care of animals that cannot speak for themselves.

    Instead of opportunistic condo developers interested only in self-gain and the bottom line, taking the prime real estate of the former site of the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the central location of the former hospital will serve perfectly the people of Montreal who own and who plan to own dogs and cats. This is a shift in PARADIGM. A novel idea whose time has come. Humans have free health public care. Health care in Canada is two-tiered: one for the public, free…and the other tier is for the rich but not free.

    A free animal hospital will give Montrealers the impetus they need to adopt/foster animals from the SPCA thus alleviating the pressure on the SPCA. The cost of pet / vet clinics is THE MAIN REASON why more people do NOT own pets in Montreal. But a FREE ANIMAL HOSPITAL would get rid of the issue in a hurry. There are widespread reports and MANY POLLS that say pet / vet clinics are PRICE-GOUGING their customers both in terms of medical costs AND food prices. Pet food stores are also price-gouging their customers. Pet food costs is the OTHER MAIN REASON why more people do not own pets. The free hospital would deal DIRECTLY with the pet food manufacturers, and thus eliminate the several levels of middle-men…this way the free hospital would be a direct wholesaler / distributor of pet foods. This free hospital would FORCE / COMPEL all pet / vet clinics to BEHAVE and stop price-gouging consumers, and pet food stores would be forced to cut food prices to more rational logical REAL levels. After all, the DEFINITION of the word PRICE is the amount of money someone WILLING to pay for a product or service given the supply and demand for that product or service. If the demand for their foods goes down, logically these pet food stores will have NO CHOICE except to have prices more competitive. And logically the pet / vet clinics would also be FORCED to come to terms with the NEW REALITY or go out of business.

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    Throw your support behind the movement for higher minimum wage, ASAP.

    Hourly minimum wage MUST be raised to 15% since the COST OF LIVING has eroded the incomes of 95% of the population.

    • * * * * * * * * *


    Throw your weight behind the BASIC INCOME movement, ASAP.

    • * * * * * * * * *

    Using PUBLIC FUNDS — tax revenues that are SCARCE RESOURCES AND FINITE — properly and logically, will get Projet Montreal re-elected. This party will be just another political party not to be trusted nor followed if it MISMANAGES public funds. Never has political parties been so low in public opinion polls. Project Montreal NEEDS NEW IDEAS and NEW POLICIES, imaginative policies, not the same old business-as-usual bullshit which WILL lead to the party’s decay and death, just like ALL THE MUNICIPAL PARTIES that came before.

    The so-called Mayor, Denis Coderre, runs a MINORITY REGIME, based on the votes of around 20% of the ENTIRE MONTREAL ELECTORATE…this means the remaining 80% of the voters DID NOT vote for him…this means the “laws” his regime is passing has NO REAL POPULAR APPEAL NOR ANY LEGITIMACY!!

    Once Projet Montreal takes power in 2017, it can REPEAL any and all “laws” passed by the Coderre gangsters.

    What Projet Montreal must keep in mind is that if it wants to get elected, and REMAIN in power, and make a REAL DIFFERENCE in the lives of the cynical and jaded people of Montreal (cynical and jaded because they have been SCREWED OVER by previous municipal parties), Projet Montreal has to PROVE that it has SOLUTIONS to issues…it has fresh innovative maverick exciting ideas and policies…it follows ALTERNATIVE polices that are PRO-PEOPLE, PRO-ENVIRONMENT, moral ethical logical conduct and behaviour…OTHERWISE it will be washed away and the people will stay away…we need to WIN BACK the respect and the trust…because today people never had a lower opinion of politicians and political parties and public policies that are seen as ENRICHING the already powerful and wealthy at the expense of the rest, 95% of the population.

    YOUR JOB after winning the election is to WIN THE HEARTS AND MINDS AND VOTES of that 95%…if YOU do NOT UNDERSTAND this very simple thing, you do NOT DESERVE to be in politics !!
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    the $32 million dollar cuts are felt by everyone not just transit users, but those who opt to use their vehicles because public transportation’s failings render it an unfeasible option for them. There are more cars on the road in a time where there needs to be less the city is covered in orange cones, you can not got three blocks in any direction , not in the east end and not in the west island , constructions is going on everywhere at a snails pace, roads are blocks where no workers are present, road rage is rising, public transit is a desperate need, it was not somewhere the city could afford to make the cuts it did. The citizens are paying now, but the moment they have the opportunity to rid themselves of the current team in Montreal’s mayoral office, heads will roll, and Montrealer’s will have a glee in their eyes as the mayor and his councillors are beheaded.
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    I’m sure the STM would be able to improve (more, not less service) if M. Coderre actually had some experience using it for his commute!
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    Melanie May Taillon
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    In the wake of highway closures, for the sake of the cities economy Bus and Train service, must be improved.
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    the 24 sherbrooke bus is infrequent, especially on weekends – I usually end up bixi-ing or walking or taking a taxi if I am in a hurry. Waiting 10 or 15 minutes for the 24 isn’t an option
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    Cutting funding from the STM encourages people to drive or take taxis. It hurts lower-income houses, but it also hurts every commuter – whether its drivers or those in public transit – as more and more cars clog the streets.

    I cannot believe there’s a reason to rationalize cutting funding to public transit, when we should be increasing it.
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    Pettus Robert
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    The 105 definitely needs more buses, especially during rush hours
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    Please, improve the bus system including the 105 line. Cuts in service, frequency, etc. are no longer acceptable. We want a better transportation system. The STM can use some help and improvements!
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    As a mom staying at home with a toddler and an older child involved in many activities, including hockey, I rely heavily on buses for transport. My son was incredibly proud to get his own OPUS card this year. They are a vital system that keeps our family active and engaged, especially in winter. Please continue to keep up service on the 105 and ideally add on to the 162 route. If we look at supply and demand, there is clearly a demand.
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    My main mode of transport is the bus, with metro as back up. I rely on it to get me to work and appointments on time. When buses to not arrive at all, or are terribly late, I must take a taxi. The system needs to be reliable if it is to attract people into taking it instead of their cars.
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    the 105 is a total nightmare heading east at the end of the day!! and not much better in the morning heading west. more buses!! and increase the frequency of the 162, as it is a way to decrease the load on the 105!
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