Road safety: Montreal must adopt Vision Zero


Between 2011 and 2014, 59 pedestrians were killed on the streets of Montreal. In 2014 alone, almost 1,800 pedestrians and cyclists were injured. Our city has a responsibility to act in order to prevent this number from climbing. All Montrealers have the right to travel in safety.

Sweden, Denmark, and many other cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles have taken up the Vision Zero challenge to improve street safety, and the results have been inspiring. In Sweden, the number of deaths dropped by almost 35% in ten years.

Montreal must act to improve safety and share the vision of zero deaths or serious injuries on its streets. Indifference and inaction have lasted long enough. Add your voice and spread the word if you agree!

Every life counts. Every year, hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists are injured or killed on our streets. We can no longer accept these tragedies.

Will you sign?